Chasing Atlantis

Recorded Live on October 18th, 2014

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NASA Commercial Crew Announcements

By | Season 7, TMRO Live | 3 Comments

In this episode we bring on Space Mike from Epic Future Space ( to talk SpaceX and the CCtCap (Commercial Crew Transportation Capabilities) award from NASA.

In Space news we have:
Blue Origin and ULA team up
Global crowd funding spaceflight project
Atlas V launch of CLIO
SpaceX to break ground in Brownsville on Monday
ESA reveals Philae landing site
Golfer wins a trip to space for hole in one!
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The killer app for Space

By | Season 7, TMRO Live | 7 Comments

Main topic this week: What is the “Killer App” for space?

In Space News we have:
Chuangxin 1-04 and Ling Qiao satellites launched via Long March 2D
Yaogan-21 Launch via Long March 4B
Asiasat 6 Launch via SpaceX
Measat and Optus launch via ArianeV
Virgin Galactic moves to 2015
XCor selling tickets to wealthy Chinese
Big solar storm – Should have limited impact
Zero G engines repossessed
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Community Chat: Expedite New Space

By | Season 7, TMRO Live | One Comment

In our second community chat we ask the question, “How can we expedite the new space gold rush?” Segment starts at 16:09

In Space News:
2:27 – NASA completes key review of SLS
4:58 – Sea Launch cuts back staff
6:30 – International Launch Services (ILS) cuts back staff
7:28 – Kodiak Launch Complex has a test rocket explode
8:57 – Dragon V2 will rely on parachutes
13:26 – Plans to overhaul the Mojave Space Port
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Firefly Space

By | Season 7, TMRO Live | No Comments

We bring on guest PJ King the COO of Firefly Space Systems to talk about their Flirefly Alpha and Firefly Beta rockets. Interview starts at 12:43

Space News:
1:40 – F9R-Dev1 Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly
5:38 – ULA gets their RD-180 Engines
7:30 – Launch of LongMarch 4B with Gaofen-2 and BRITE-PL-2
9:20 – Galileo launch via Soyuz
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