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Can commercial space expand the frontier?

By | Season 8, TMRO Live | One Comment

Is Neil deGrasse Tyson correct in assessing that private space can’t open the space frontier? Only Governments can open new frontiers? In this epicsode we debate the merits of this idea.

In Space News:
* New Horizons has color animations of Pluto
* Philae has woken up
* SpaceX to upgrade sea recovery platforms
* Space Florida taking control of shuttle landing facility
* Urthecast releases color, HD video from space
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What should we do with the Space Launch System?

By | Season 8, TMRO Live | 2 Comments

This week Space Mike and Galactic Emperor Benjamin debate the merits of NASA’s Space Launch System and if it should be continued.

In Space News we have:
* Atlas V Launch of X-37B Space Plane
* LightSail having some issues
* CRS-6 Dragon Returns to Earth
* Ariane 5 launches communication satellites
* Soyuz launches military satellites
* SpaceX now cleared for US military payloads
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Crowdfunding your next space project

By | Season 8, TMRO Live | 2 Comments

This week we talk to SpaceUP Foundation CEO Chris Radcliff and COO Jesse Clark about their new Kickstarter campaign to fund 5 SpaceUP unconferences. We also chat about what it will take for YOU to start your own Kickstarter campaign for that nifty space idea you have but need funds to make in to a reality. You can view the “How to ruin a Kickstarter” blog post we talked about here:

In Space News:
Proton Launch and Issues
SpaceX gets certified to launch NASA science missions
Brightman steps down from station flight
Russia delays ISS crew rotation flights
US House bill cuts more commercial crew funding
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Lisa Stojanovski

By | Season 8, TMRO Live | 2 Comments

This week we interview Lisa Stojanovski, one of our Space Pod correspondents in our ‘get to know your correspondents of TMRO’ series.

In Space News we have:
SpaceX Pad Abort
Long Duration CE20 Engine Test
MESSENGER ends its mission
Progress re-enters the atmosphere
Commercial Space Flight Learning Period
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Sea Dragon

By | Season 8, TMRO Live | 4 Comments

VAXHeadroom (Emory Stagmer) joins us in-studio to talk about the old Saturn V competitor: Sea Dragon. Capable of lofting 1 million LBS to Low Earth Orbit, this 1/2 submarine 1/2 rocket system would dwarf anything humans have ever built to date. What is it and how did it work? Check out this live episode of TMRO to get an idea!
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