What we believe

We believe humanity is at its best when its exploring. Exciting roads to the future are opened up. When we boldly explore it inspires a new generation of engineers, scientists, artists and mathematicians, leading to awesome new technology we could only dream about before.

One of the most incredible moments in history was landing humans on the moon. Walking on a world, alien to us, for the first time. Since then we have scaled back our ambitions. We scaled back our exploration. We have lost the ability to return.

Not for much longer.

Soon we will have three or more companies able to put humans back on the Moon. They will reach even further and put humans on Mars. And they will reach beyond, inspiring a whole new generation. We believe we are living on the cusp of the greatest story humanity has ever told. We tell that story each week as it unfolds.

Come with us and explore tomorrow!


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Who we are

TMRO is a live, weekly show about exploration. Currently we feature TMRO:Space every Saturday at 18:00 UTC but will be soon expanding to TMRO:Science and TMRO:Tech in early 2018. We are a passionate community of people looking to help advance humanity to the stars.


Benjamin Higginbotham is the creator and Executive Producer of TMRO. With a background in live television he created TMRO in 2008 after hearing of plans to retire the Space Shuttle. As a kid Benjamin was excited about space and loved the cosmos. Even placed glow in the dark stars in his childhood bedroom ceiling, which are still there to this day. But over the years that passion waned and his knack for production started to shine through creating a shift in focus. While working on a new technology podcast, the Space Shuttle retirement was brought up and that sparked an interest in space once again. Why would they retire the shuttle? To answer that question, Spacevidcast was born featuring live discussions about space, live launch coverage and a small community of space geeks. Over the years Spacevidcast grew beyond just space and converted to TMRO. Now in 2018 TMRO is looking to expand yet again to Science and Technology. All while keeping an optimistic eye on tomorrow.

Tim Scott is a Shuttle-hugging space nerd on the outside, and an Engineer on the inside. Living and working in Orange County, California, he is studying to become a Mechanical Engineer. He has designed limousines, tour buses, aircraft cockpits, printed circuit boards, awards, and cargo ship fuel pump systems, but enjoys pushing buttons for TMRO on the weekend. He finds endless fascination with cars, trucks, planes, trains, and of course – rockets! He dabbles in photography, and designing just about anything that people need to make their lives easier, and more comfortable – be it here on Earth, on the Moon, Mars or beyond.

TMRO:Space Team

Michael Clark is a rocketry and spaceflight enthusiast currently based in Phoenix, Arizona. He is passionate about all things space exploration, especially the spacecraft that take humanity to new places. He has been involved with outreach since 2010 and has produced hundreds of educational and outreach videos for his own YouTube channel, EpicFutureSpace, as well as for TMRO as a regular correspondent.

Jared Head is the resident astronomer of TMRO, based in Downey, California. Jared has worked at the Columbia Memorial Space Center and currently gets people excited about astronomy at Griffith Observatory. He enjoys viewing rocket launches, building rockets, and off-roading in his bright

Cariann Higginbotham is the CAPCOM for TMRO:Space. She keeps the community in check, makes sure that we keep the rocket talk acronym free and guides the show though its different segments.

TMRO:Science Team

Lisa Stojanovski is a science communicator currently based in Perth, Australia. She is passionate about space science experiments and space education outreach. Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from Western Sydney University, where her research focus was hibernation in mice. Lisa completed the International Space University’s Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program in 2016. She has designed Martian greenhouse atmospheres with the assistance of NASA scientist Dr Christopher McKay. She was named one of 14 worldwide Emerging Space Leaders for 2016 by the International Astronautical Federation. Lisa wants to grow plants on Mars.