The shows of TMRO are almost completely crowd funded. Without your support we would be unable to continue to do what we do.

There are many ways to support the show. If you want to help with your time and talent, e-mail with your area of expertise or interest and we’ll work together to create something amazing. Areas we need help in are: SEO, Web Site re-design, iOS and Android apps, social marketing and much, much more! While money does help, so too does your own unique talents!

If you would like to help fund the shows of TMRO we have two ways to do that. The first is on a per-episode basis via Pick a per-episode contribution you’re comfortable with and based on your level you’ll get a reward that corresponds to that. The second is a per-month contribution on You’ll get access to the same rewards as per-episode, just with a higher dollar value spread out over a month. You can also set caps to ensure you don’t exceed your budget as well as contribute with no reward if you wish to remain anonymous.