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Discovery 01

Should Pluto be a planet? – Discovery 1.12

Dr Kirby Runyon from Johns Hopkins University’s APL joins us to talk about mountains, hearts and giant ice spears all discovered on Pluto by the New Horizons mission. We also argue the definition of what a ‘planet’ actually is. What do you think?

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Wearable Tech – Discovery 01.07

Alex Moss of Canaria joins us to talk about their wearable tech and how it can help save lives. By wearing a small device behind the ear, Canaria can track your fatigue levels to help anyone working in dangerous environments. Has amazing applications in medical, space and construction as well. SciNews: Scientists are growing mini…

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Our bionic future – Discovery 1.06

Lisa, Jade and Athena discuss the past and future of prosthetic enhancements to the human body. How advanced have they become? Should we be upgrading ourselves past normal human limits? Leave your comments below and continue the conversation! News: Bubble curtains saving the world!? New link between fat, energy and diabetes Living longer lives with…

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Solid State Batteries – Discovery 01.05

Dr. Helena Braga joins us live to talk solid state electrolyte batteries, their advantages over Lithium Ion and realities of entering the marketplace. In Science News: Earth’s Magnetic Field: Will it flip? Sea pineapples – the secret ingredient for stronger thin films Where does phosphorus come from and is it rare in the Universe? Solar…

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The MARROW experiment – Discovery 1.04

This episode we chat to Guy Trudel M.D from the University of Ottawa about the MARROW experiment. What happens to bone marrow in space? Why is fatty bone marrow bad? All of that plus your questions and comments from last month’s show! Live episodes air every fourth Saturday at 20:00 UTC. Next episode May 5th…

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Ethics of using animals in science – Discovery 01.03

This episode, Athena, Jade, Jared and Lisa discuss the ethics of using animal subjects in science research. They chat about the knowledge gained from these studies, current and future alternative technologies, and thoughts from our community. Live episodes air every fourth Saturday at 20:00 UTC. Next episode March 31 2018. News: When proteins shake hands…

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