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Archive for September 2019

How you can hack NASA | SPACE INTERVIEW

Ali Llewellyn (@adllewellyn), Strategist and Project Manager at NASA Johnson Space Center joins us to talk about the NASA International Space Apps Challenge, space outreach for non-traditional audiences and building community-driven collaboration and innovation. Her incredible passion for space and science outreach really shine through here and it’s certainly worth a watch all the way…

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India’s Vikram Lunar Lander may not be lost | SPACE NEWS

Jared Head brings us our Earthly and ISS departures along with a quick update on India’s Vikram lunar lander — Spoiler: not all hope is lost just yet! Jared also covers a relativity important contract and rounds out the show with Aeolus performing a course correction to avoid the SpaceX Starlink constellation. Lisa Stojanovski has…

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Virgin is getting close to Orbit | SPACE INTERVIEW

Virgin Orbit VP of Special Projects William Pomerantz joins us on station to talk about everything they are working on. Sounds like Virgin Orbit isn’t just near flying, but ready to come out of the gate strong with a series of vehicles already being built! In this hour long interview Jared and Will talk about…

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