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Archive for April 2019

How we measure the magnetism of Mars and Jupiter – Orbit 12.15

NASA’s MAVEN Magnetometer Instrument Lead Dr. Jared Espley joins us to talk about MAVEN, Juno and how we measure the magnetism of planets in our local system. More information on MAVEN can be found here: And more information on Juno can be found here:

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How we see more of the Universe – Orbit 12.14

This week we bring on Dr. Jielai Zhang to talk about Dragonfly Telephoto Array, its unique capabilities, why it was needed and what they have found or hope to find out so far. We also cover the role of astronomy as a gateway field to STEM and the West African International Summer School for Young…

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How we will survive out in Space – Orbit 12.13

Engineer Brittany Zimmerman of Paragon Space Development Corporation joins us to talk about the different ways Space wants to kill you. We cover how Paragon is working on Life Support And Environmental Control Systems, including water purification to help keep us all alive on out journey to Mars. This one is an eye opener including…

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APL’s Interstellar Probe – Orbit 12.12

The always energetic and information powerhouse Dr. Kirby Runyon joins us to talk about New Horizons, Yuris Night and announces the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab Interstellar Probe. It’s a really fun and exciting interview, and we had a bit of stuff we missed in After Dark so we left a bit of that…

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