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Archive for December 2018

2018 Cosmic Wrapup – Orbit 11.50

Mike, Cariann, Jared, Jade, Benjamin and the community of TMRO take a look back at our favorite cosmic events of 2018 and look froward to 2019. Launch Minute: Electron | ELaNa 19 Soyuz ST-A | CSO 1 GSLV Mk.2 | GSAT 7A Long March 11 | Hongyun-1 Space News: 2018 in review Looking forward to…

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Turns out we have a very soggy Solar System – Orbit 11.49

Former NASA Deputy Chief Technologist Jim Adams joins us for story time. We talk about the planetary status of Pluto, the Kármán line, how moist the solar system seems to be, microbial life on Mars and so much more! Launch Minute Everything scrubbed this week… But get ready for next week with SIX scheduled launches!…

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Searching for the secrets of Bennu – Orbit 11.48

Xtronaut Chief Science Officer and Principle Investigator for the OSIRIS-Rex mission Dante Lauretta joins us to talk about NASA’s Mission to Bennu as well as his new STEM card game on Kickstarter: Downlink – Launches: Soyuz FG | Soyuz MS-11 Falcon 9 | SSO-A Ariane 5 | GSAT-11 Falcon 9 | CRS-16 Long March…

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Should Pluto be a planet? – Discovery 1.12

Dr Kirby Runyon from Johns Hopkins University’s APL joins us to talk about mountains, hearts and giant ice spears all discovered on Pluto by the New Horizons mission. We also argue the definition of what a ‘planet’ actually is. What do you think?

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Landing on Mars as we look back to the Moon – Orbit 11.47

Guest Conrad Pires from @picosatsystems joins us live to talk about the next evolution of miniaturized satellites: Pico Sats. In Space Nerd News this week we talk about Insight landing on Mars, NASA’s announcement of private companies that are helping to get them back to the Moon and potentially Dangerous Bacteria Found in ISS. Launch…

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