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Archive for October 2018

Sailing the stars with light #LightSail – Orbit 11.41

Mat Kaplan (@planrad) joins us to talk about the Planetary Society, LightSail 1, 2 and beyond. Jared and Mat dive deep in to why the Planetary Society matters and how it can impact you! Launch Minute: Long March 3B/YZ-1 Launches Beidou-3 M15 & M16 Atlas V launches AEHF-4 Ariane 5 launches BepiColombo Space News: Most…

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On demand shooting stars – Orbit 11.39

Want to take your event’s wow factor up a notch? Astro Live Experiences (ALE) will soon be able to create on-demand shooting star shows as well as on-demand aurora. It’s a new way of utilizing space for incredible art and entertainment. Added bonus, it helps grow the space industry via launches and infrastructure while also…

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