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Archive for September 2018

Can we actually do that? The future of Space Law

While Space Law may not sound super fun on the surface, it is one of those things that will directly impact our ability to explore the cosmos. Who is allowed to own what parts of space? What happens if someone is injured by your space debris? Space Law Advisor to the Secure World Foundation Chris…

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Why send artists to the moon on BFR? #dearMoon

This week we have an epic panel to talk about the recent #dearMoon announcement including Tim Dodd the Everyday Astronaut, Emory “VaxHeadroom” Stagmer, Dr. Niamh Shaw and Astronaut Nicole Stott. We focus on the impact of the recent announcement by using a trip around the moon and art to inspire humanity in a totally new…

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Making money from space junk – Orbit 11.36

Astroscale COO, Chris Blackerby, chats about the money to be made from space junk, and how we can leverage these space resources for the benefit of humanity. Launch minute: Falcon 9 | Telstar 18 Delta II | IceSat-2 Space News: Orion completes final parachute test SpaceX, NASA, and JAXA all have Lunar plans Opportunity’s 45…

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How NanoRacks can put anything you want in space – Orbit 11.35

NanoRacks CTO Mike Lewis joins us to talk about all of the different things they are working on, including how they launch stuff from the International Space Station, they are building a docking collar and Lunar Gateway plans! Launch Minute: Long March 2C | Haiyang-1C Space News: USGS Gets Serious about Space Mining Chinese Launch…

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Masten’s Lunar Ambitions – Orbit 11.34

Dave Masten of Masten Space Systems joins SpaceMike to talk about his current fleet of vehicle and plans to do more than just flags and footprints on the moon. There were no launches this week Space News: OSIRIS-REx and New Horizons’ targets are in sight Leak at ISS detected Our Solar System Is Nothing Special

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