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Archive for July 2018

NASA’s InSight mission to study Mars – Orbit 11.29

The Principal Investigator of NASA/JPL’s InSight Mission, Bruce Banerdt, joins us to talk about their mission to Mars, looking for Marsquakes and the latest on InSight itself. Space Launches: Blue Origin Mission 9 Falcon 9 Launches Telstar 19 VANTAGE Ariane 5 Launches Galileo 23-26 Falcon 9 Launches Iridium-7 Mission In Space News: Water on Mars…

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What’s missing to get humans to Mars? – Orbit 11.28

We have our scheduled roundtable this week, voted on by the Citizens of TMRO. Jared hosts and asks, “What are the missing pieces needed to get humans to Mars?” This turned in to a really lively discussion and we would love your comments below or on our new forums at Launches: Launch of Progress…

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Wearable Tech – Discovery 01.07

Alex Moss of Canaria joins us to talk about their wearable tech and how it can help save lives. By wearing a small device behind the ear, Canaria can track your fatigue levels to help anyone working in dangerous environments. Has amazing applications in medical, space and construction as well. SciNews: Scientists are growing mini…

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Creating a Starship Culture with Gateway Foundation – Orbit 11.27

John Blincow and Dr. Tom Spilker join us to talk about the Gateway Foundation and their plans to design, test and build the Gateway Spaceport. If you’re interested in helping volunteer your time and talents to making the Gateway real, head over to for more information Space News: An Eruptive Enigma Solved on Mars…

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Enjoying a cup of coffee in space – Orbit 11.26

Jeffrey Ayers of Death Wish Coffee joins us to talk about the caffeinated payload they just sent up to the International Space Station aboard SpaceX’s CRS-15. TMRO has an incredible history with coffee. When we were Spacevidcast the whole show was produced at the back of the Crow River Coffee Company, we had our own…

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