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Archive for June 2018

The different personalities of the JPL rovers – Orbit 11.24

JPL Science System Engineer Kim Steadman joins us to talk about some past, present and future missions that JPL has sent to Mars and beyond. We touch on Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity, the upcoming Mars 2020 and the different personalities each rover has. We sprinkle a little Juno and Cassini in there for good measure as…

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Humanity amongst the stars with Isaac Arthur – Orbit 11.12

Futurist Isaac Arthur joins the cast of TMRO to talk about humanities future amongst the stars as well as living in a simulation, faster than light communication and galactic intelligence. Launches: Falcon 9 Launches SES-12 Long March 3A Launches Fengyun -2H Soyuz Launches new Space Station Crew Space News: Curiosity Confirms Complex Organics on Mars…

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Our bionic future – Discovery 1.06

Lisa, Jade and Athena discuss the past and future of prosthetic enhancements to the human body. How advanced have they become? Should we be upgrading ourselves past normal human limits? Leave your comments below and continue the conversation! News: Bubble curtains saving the world!? New link between fat, energy and diabetes Living longer lives with…

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Orion Span’s Aurora Commercial Space Station

Orion Span’s CEO Frank Bunger joins us to talk about their upcoming commercial space station: Aurora. Frank also dives in to his larger vision of the future: humans living and working in the cosmos. Launches: Long March 2D Launches Gaofen-6 Space News: Curiosity Resumes Drilling Remembering Alan Bean and Don Peterson Jets seen by Rosetta…

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