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Archive for May 2018

Riverside Telescope Makers Conference – Orbit 11.21

We have Space Mike at the @ISDC 2018 Expo and Jared at the @RTMCAstroExpo 2018 Astronomy Expo! Jared sits down with Martin Carey and Travis Holmes to talk about citizen astronomy. Launches: Long March 4C Launches Queqiao Lunar Relay Antares launches Cygnus OA-9 mission to ISS Falcon 9 Launches Iridium-6 and GRACE-FO Space News: Grande-sized…

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Moonshot Space – Orbit 11.20

Troy McCann of Moonshot Space joins us this week to talk about the non-profit Moonshot Foundation, MoonshotX Accelerator and Gemini Ideator. You can follow Moonshot Space on their website at or via Twitter at @moonshotspaceco Launches: China OneSpace launches first private rocket Space News: First Light for TESS Wall-E’s first picture A Carbon-Rich Asteroid…

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Relativity: How to print a rocket on Earth and Mars – Orbit 11.19

Tim Ellis, CEO of Relativity, joins us to talk about his orbital launch company that is using automation and 3D printing to revolutionise how rockets are built. Launches: Long March 4C Launches Gaofen-5 SpaceX Launches Bangabandhu Satellite-1 on Maiden Block 5 News: GEDI to Launch Late 2018 Robonaut 2 has returned to Earth for repairs…

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Solid State Batteries – Discovery 01.05

Dr. Helena Braga joins us live to talk solid state electrolyte batteries, their advantages over Lithium Ion and realities of entering the marketplace. In Science News: Earth’s Magnetic Field: Will it flip? Sea pineapples – the secret ingredient for stronger thin films Where does phosphorus come from and is it rare in the Universe? Solar…

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From Public to Private Space – Orbit 11.18

We have a popup round table this week where we ask, what current Government space programs are well suited to move to the commercial market? And is commercializing space even a good thing? Make sure to leave your own personal comments and thoughts below, remembering to follow our very basic rules: treat others as you…

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Women working in STEM – Orbit 11.17

Holly Griffith, NASA Orion Vehicle Systems Engineer joins us this week to talk women working at NASA and in STEM. Launches: Sentinal-3B launches on Russian Rockot Chinese Long March 11 launches Zhuhai-1 remote sensing satellites News: Uranus smells like farts Bridenstine sworn in as NASA Administrator Gaia

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