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Archive for March 2018

Why we need to humanize space exploration – Orbit 11.11

This week Lisa chats to Dr Niamh Shaw about her new theatre show ‘Diary of a Martian Beekeeper’ and why we need to include the humanities in space exploration. Launches: Long March 2 Launches LKW-4 News: Microbe That Could Survive On Enceladus Lightfoot to retire as Bridenstine nomination stalled S-2 Is Single and Ready to…

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Searching for Skylab updates – Orbit 11.10

This week Jared gets an update from Dwight Steven-Boniecki about the upcoming documentary “Searching for Skylab”, including some exclusive sneak peaks from the film! Launches: SpaceX Launches Hispasat 30W-6 Soyuz Launches O3b Satellites News: Interstellar donuts World’s First Air Breathing Electric Thruster Tested Schrödinger in Space

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Ethics of using animals in science – Discovery 01.03

This episode, Athena, Jade, Jared and Lisa discuss the ethics of using animal subjects in science research. They chat about the knowledge gained from these studies, current and future alternative technologies, and thoughts from our community. Live episodes air every fourth Saturday at 20:00 UTC. Next episode March 31 2018. News: When proteins shake hands…

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Introducing LAUNCHER – Orbit 11.09

Max Haot of LAUNCHER joins us to talk about their new rocket company LAUNCHER. We talk about their current tests, 3D printing rocket engines and plans for the future. Launches: H-2A Rocket launches Japanese Reconnaissance Satellite Atlas V Launches GOES-S Weather Satellite News: Dark matter in the cosmic dawn ISS Crew Return to Earth Proxima…

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