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Archive for August 2017

The National Space Council – Orbit 10.31

Bob Walker, former Congressman for Pennsylvania, Chair of the House Science Committee and board member of Zero G Corporation joins us to talk about the newly formed National Space Council. What is the council for and why will it help America with Space Policy? Bob helps answer those questions and more!

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Searching for Skylab – Orbit 10.30

Dwight Steven-Boniecki joins us to talk about his upcoming documentary, “Searching for Skylab”. We cover some amazing things about the Skylab Space Station and mission that you may not have known before. And the conversation continues in After Dark!

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2017 Solar Eclipse – Orbit 10.29

Dr. Madhulika (Lika) Guhathakurta, NASA’s Lead Scientist for the 2017 Solar Eclipse joins us to talk about the upcoming eclipse, the Sun and solar weather. For more information on the eclipse and information on how you can do citizen science head over to NASA’s eclipse website at

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Suborbital Round Table – Orbit 10.28

We talk a lot about orbital spaceflight. Going to Mars. Back to the Moon. But what about the up and coming Suborbital space flight industry? This week we have a round table talking about the past, present and possible future of Suborbital space flight.

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