Banging on BEAM – Space Pod 02/08/17

By February 8, 2017Space Pods

This week, Lisa Stojanovski gives an update on how the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) is going on the International Space Station, and potential plans for its future.

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About Lisa Stojanovski

Lisa Stojanovski is a science communicator currently based in Perth, Australia. She is passionate about space science experiments and space education outreach. Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from Western Sydney University, where her research focus was hibernation in mice. Lisa completed the International Space University’s Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program in 2016. She has designed Martian greenhouse atmospheres with the assistance of NASA scientist Dr Christopher McKay. She was named one of 14 worldwide Emerging Space Leaders for 2016 by the International Astronautical Federation. Lisa wants to grow plants on Mars.

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