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Archive for February 2017

Storytime with Cariann – Orbit 10.08

Chris Radcliff joins us in studio to put a spin on our interviews. Chris talks to Cariann about her history in space, why she enjoys the cosmos and the work she has done at SpaceUp. In Space News: * Falcon 9 and Soyuz-U launches * Dragon berths with the International Space Station * Russian Progress…

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Erday Astronauting – Orbit 10.07

We bring back Tim Dodd the Everyday Astronaut to talk about Science, Technology Engineering, Art and Math as well as how he works to inspire youth. In Space News: * Planet (not Labs anymore) Satellite deployments – * List of Landing Sites for Next Mars Rover Narrowed * Small Satellite Rocket Booster Arrives at…

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Banging on BEAM – Space Pod 02/08/17

This week, Lisa Stojanovski gives an update on how the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) is going on the International Space Station, and potential plans for its future. TMRO Space Pods are crowd funded shows. If you like this episode consider contributing to help us to continue to improve. Head over to for information,…

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Life at NASA – Orbit 10.04

Former Deputy Chief Technologist of NASA Jim Adams joins us to talk about his life at NASA and amazing stories of the missions and technology he worked on. We didn’t want to stop the stories, so this is a loooong episode, but well worth every moment!

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