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Archive for January 2017

6 people chosen for MARS MISSION! – Space Pod 01/18/17

Lisa Stojanovski reveals the 6 humans chosen for an 8 month simulated Mars mission, HI-SEAS Mission V, and explains where they’ll live, and the kinds of research they’ll perform. For more information on HI-SEAS visit The crew are: Ansley Barnard, Samuel Payler, James Bevington, Joshua Ehrlich, Laura Lark and Brian Ramos. TMRO Space Pods…

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International Space University

Cariann has a live interview with TMRO’s own Lisa Stojanovski talking about International Space University. What’s a typical day look like? What are the types of activities available to do while at ISU? And what is Lisa’s favorite thing about space? In Space News: Planet and Terra Bella may merge Moon Express fully funded for…

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Discovering our Universe

For our first show of 2017 we bring on Fraser Cain of to talk the importance of Astronomy. We also look at ways to help engage your non-space geek friends. You can find Fraser’s work at, and contribute to their community via Patreon at

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