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Archive for January 2016

Is there such a thing as Safe Space travel?

This week we ask the questions, “Is there such a thing as safe space travel? Than there ever be safe space travel? And would you fly to space now or after we make it safer?” In Space News we have: * Belintersat 1 Launch via Long March 3B * JASON-3 Launch via Falcon 9 1.1…

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NASA’s Next Cargo Transports Announced – Space Pod 01/19/16

In the first Space Pod of 2016 Space Mike examines the three companies recently awarded NASA’s Commercial Resupply Services 2 Contract which will deliver cargo to the International Space Station from 2019 – 2024. TMRO Space Pods are crowd funded shows. If you like this episode consider contributing to help us to continue to improve.…

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This week we look at the small but vocal #FlatEarth crowd and talk about how low-cost, everyday space travel can help minimize these thoughts. In Space News we have: * SpaceUp San Diego * Launch of NASA’s Next Mars Mission Delayed till 2018 * Planetary Resources 3D Prints Object From Meteorite * ESA having second…

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“LZ-1, The Falcon Has Landed”

Welcome to 2016! In our first show of the year we take a look at how reusability became a thing last month. Not just for SpaceX but also Blue Origin. In Space News we have: * Soyuz launches Progress MS to Space Station * Falcon 9 launches Orbcomm Satellites * Proton launches with Express AMU1/Eutelsat…

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A New Beginning Awaits

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