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Archive for August 2015

A walkthrough of Copenhagen Suborbitals

This week Mads Wilson returns to give us a walkthrough of Copenhagen Suborbitals workshop. If you would like more information or to help support Copenhagen Suborbitals, hit up their website at In Space News: * Yaogan 27 launched via Long March 4C * GSAT 6 launched via GSLV * Inmarsat 5 F3 launched via…

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How Masten Space will get us to the Moon and Mars

This week we bring on Dave Masten, CTO of Masten Space Systems. Dave chats about the different vehicles Masten has created, what their purpose is and how each is a stepping stone to getting humans and payloads to the Moon, Mars and beyond! In Space News we have: * H-2B Launch with HTV * Ariane…

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Escape Dynamics Ground Based Space Propulsion

In this episode of TMRO we have the CEO/CTO of Escape Dynamics Dmitriy Tseliakhovich, Ph.D. to talk about ground based propulsion. Think chemical rockets are the only way to get to space? Think again! In Space News we have: * Wideband Global SATCOM launch via Delta IV * Launch of Expedition 44 crew via Soyuz…

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