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Archive for July 2015

The missing links in human exploration

In this live epicsode we ask, what are the missing links needed for human exploration of the cosmos? In Space News we have: * New Horizons makes it to Pluto * Atlas V Launch with GPS Satellites * Ariane V launches weather satellite * XCOR to increase Lynx ticket prices * Planerary resources Arkyd 3…

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Moon first or Mars first?

In this live episode we ask you, should humanity start cosmic colonization with the Moon first or go straight to Mars first? Would love your thoughts below! In Space News: * PSLV Launches * New Horizons less than 1 week away * Rocket Labs to complete launch site construction this year * Philae communicated with…

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This week we bring on Ryan Holmes, Co-founder, CEO, Chief Designer and Issac Desouza, Co founder, CTO of SpaceVR to talk about their ambitions to put a VR camera on the International Space Station. In Space News we have: * CRS-7 Mishap * China sends up Gaofen 8 satellite * Russia launches cargo ship to…

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