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Archive for June 2015

Can commercial space expand the frontier?

Is Neil deGrasse Tyson correct in assessing that private space can’t open the space frontier? Only Governments can open new frontiers? In this epicsode we debate the merits of this idea. In Space News: * New Horizons has color animations of Pluto * Philae has woken up * SpaceX to upgrade sea recovery platforms *…

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Should NASA be allowed to Crowd Fund projects?

In this weekly live epicsode of TMRO we ask the question, should NASA be allowed to crowd fund programs that have been de-funded? In Space News we have: * LDSD Parachute Failure * LightSail deploys * Cuts to commercial crew funding * AEM to send payload to the moon * PornHub Space Program * Stratolaunch…

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What should we do with the Space Launch System?

This week Space Mike and Galactic Emperor Benjamin debate the merits of NASA’s Space Launch System and if it should be continued. In Space News we have: * Atlas V Launch of X-37B Space Plane * LightSail having some issues * CRS-6 Dragon Returns to Earth * Ariane 5 launches communication satellites * Soyuz launches…

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