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Archive for March 2015

Cosmic Lifestyle

This week we are joined by Samuel Coniglio the COO and Visionary of Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation. We’ll chat about what CLC is doing to make trips in space a bit less like a camping trip and more like an epic adventure with creature comforts. In Space News we have: Launches Galore.

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NASA has amended it’s Space Act Agreement to help Sierra Nevada continue work on their Dream Chaser Spaceplane, and Sierra Nevada has proposed several paths to move forward with the vehicle.

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Virgin Galactic’s LauncherOne

This week we bring on William Pomerantz of Virgin Galactic to talk about LauncherOne and what is happening with their small payload launching system. In Space News we have: * Atlas V Launches MMS Satellites * QM-1 Solid Motor test firing * Rosetta listening for Philae * Curiosity rover back in action * Lockheed’s CRS-2…

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Rocket geeks should be astronomy geeks too

We are joined by Jared Head, astronomy geek, rocket scientist and STEM educator to talk about why astronomy is as cool as a rocket launch. In Space News we have: * Falcon 9 launches Eutelsat and ABS * Bloon Idegogo campaign * Silicon Valley Fund Invests in New Zealand’s Rocket Lab * ULA Targets 2018…

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Inspiration: Space

This week we bring on Libby Norcross @libbydoodle to talk Challenger Centers and inspiration for space. In Space News we have: * Soyuz launch * SLC-39A progress report * Space suit leak * Russia wants their parts of the ISS back after 2024 * SMAP unfurls its large antenna * Virgin Galactic hosts an open…

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