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Archive for February 2015

The Outer Space Treaty

This week we are joined by Dr. Christopher J. Newman to talk space law and the Outer Space Treaty of 1967. Dr. Christopher J. Newman is a Reader in Law at the University of Sunderland. He has been active in the teaching and research of Space Law for a number of years and has recently…

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Martian Cities

This week we take a look at what our future Martian cities will look like once we are past the pilgrim stage and on to settlement. What will transport between cities be? What will the structures look like? How will we live off-planet once we know how to survive? Leave your comments and ideas anywhere…

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Google Lunar XPRIZE

We are joined by Leo Camacho and Nathan Wong of the XPRIZE Foundation to talk about the latest happenings with their Google Lunar XPRIZE Contest. In Space News we have: – Experimental Satellite launched by Safir Rocket – Inmarsat 5 F2 Launches via Proton Rocket – SpaceX Prepares for Crew Dragon Abort Test – NASA…

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Dave Masten

This week we bring on the Founder and CTO of Masten Space Systems, Dave Masten. Dave talks about the importance of going to the Moon before Mars, platforms for getting there and general space geekery. In Space News we have: SMAP launches via Delta II New SpaceX Falcon Heavy Animation SpaceX Preparing for Crew Dragon…

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