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Archive for January 2015

Riding with Robots

We are joined by Bill Dunford of Riding with Robots to talk about robotic exploration of the cosmos. Here are a few links from the show:

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Scott Manley and Kerbal Space

This week we are joined by Scott Manley best known for his Kerbal Space Program videos on YouTube – In Space news we have: CRS-5 launches and hard lands The GAO sides with NASA Astra 2G launches atop Proton rocket Angara 5 launches on maiden test flight Resurs P2 launches atop Soyuz Fengyun-2G launches…

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Explore Tomorrow

In 1969 we made our first steps on an alien surface: the Moon. It united the planet. It was humanity at its finest. We have not been back since 1972. Today many people think we have lost that spirit. They believe the Moon was a one time shot. We know that humanity will continue our…

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