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Archive for September 2014

Community Chat: Why are you a space geek?

As this is the last show this month, we have a community chat once again. This week we ask, “Why are you a space geek?” In addition to the live conversation we had, we would love for you to leave your comments below as well!

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NASA Commercial Crew Announcements

In this episode we bring on Space Mike from Epic Future Space ( to talk SpaceX and the CCtCap (Commercial Crew Transportation Capabilities) award from NASA. In Space news we have: Blue Origin and ULA team up Global crowd funding spaceflight project Atlas V launch of CLIO CRS-4 SpaceX to break ground in Brownsville on…

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The killer app for Space

Main topic this week: What is the “Killer App” for space? In Space News we have: Chuangxin 1-04 and Ling Qiao satellites launched via Long March 2D Yaogan-21 Launch via Long March 4B Asiasat 6 Launch via SpaceX Measat and Optus launch via ArianeV Virgin Galactic moves to 2015 XCor selling tickets to wealthy Chinese…

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