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Archive for August 2014

Community Chat: Expedite New Space

In our second community chat we ask the question, “How can we expedite the new space gold rush?” Segment starts at 16:09 In Space News: 2:27 – NASA completes key review of SLS 4:58 – Sea Launch cuts back staff 6:30 – International Launch Services (ILS) cuts back staff 7:28 – Kodiak Launch Complex has…

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Firefly Space

We bring on guest PJ King the COO of Firefly Space Systems to talk about their Flirefly Alpha and Firefly Beta rockets. Interview starts at 12:43 Space News: 1:40 – F9R-Dev1 Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly 5:38 – ULA gets their RD-180 Engines 7:30 – Launch of LongMarch 4B with Gaofen-2 and BRITE-PL-2 9:20 – Galileo launch…

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Kickstarting a rocket company

This week we bring on Tyler Reyno, CEO and founder of Open Space Orbital to talk about their Kickstarter campaign to start a rocket company. Segment starts at 16:00 Space News: 1:54 – Copenhagen static fire of their HEAT2X engine 5:20 – Falcon 9 re-entering on Orbcomm mission 6:55 – WorldView-3 Satellite Launched 9:10…

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The Electron Rocket

We are joined live by Rocket Labs USA Founder and CEO Peter Beck to talk about their Electron Rocket and what Rocket Labs is doing over in New Zealand. In Space News we have: Rosetta reaches 67P, AsiaSat 8 Launches on a Falcon 9, SpaceX sets Brownsville as its new commercial launch site, ULA will…

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Where should we colonize first?

In Space News we have: The impossible EmDrive, Delta IV launch, Ariane 5 Launch, Altas V launch, Rosetta is getting closer and an amazing Google Lunar XPRIZE Planetarium show. Our main topic this week: Where should we colonize first? We try something a bit different and bring on a few community members and ask the…

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