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Archive for July 2014

Dave Masten and DARPA

We are joined in-studio by Dave Masten, CTO of Masten Space Systems. Dave talks about his new DARPA XS-1 contract, a bit about Masten Space and where humans should be looking to go in the cosmos. In Space News: Falcon 9 Orbcomm Stage 1 splashdown Progress launches via Soyuz Foton M4 not responding to commands…

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Our main topic today is Apollo 45 years later and why we don’t want a repeat of the past. Our next humans on the Moon or Mars should be there to stay, not just flags and footprints! In Space News we have: Orbital Sciences Antares Cygnes Launch, SpaceX Falcon 9 Orbcomm launch, Russia launches a…

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Be My Guest

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The Propulsion of Tomorrow

We are joined by Dr. Franklin Chang Díaz the CEO and founder of As Astra Rocket Company to talk about VASIMR – Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket. This is a next generation electric space propulsion technology that is already working on the ground. Next steps are to test in space. In Space News: Soyuz launches…

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What will Martian habitats look like?

SpaceUp Founder, SD Space Co-Founder, GeekDad contributor and Future Martian Chris Radcliff joins us to talk about future Martian habitats and what they will look like. Will we have domes? Underground habs? What will our future on Mars look like? Question from /r/spacex

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