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Archive for June 2014

Promoting the cosmos to friends

In Space News we talk about the Low Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD), Dnepr launch, Soyuz looking to go around the moon, Angara maiden launch called off, ISS gets an X-Ray machine, Orion passes parachute test (again), SLS mini test firing Planetary Society to make a major announcement and you can travel to “space” for $75,000…

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When do we get to finally go to Mars?

In Space News: Boeing unveils the CST-100 Orion’s heat shield is installed for EFT-1 Test Falcon 9 Flight 10 with Orbcomm Satellites has been delayed Bulgaria becomes a member of ESA Venus Express starting an aerobrake Google buys Skybox imaging

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spaceship SpaceShip SPACESHIP

In space news we have a Sea Launch, Soyuz crew launch to ISS, NASA’s InSight, no more buying crew seats from Russia, Antares delayed by a week, XCOR gets more funding and LDSD to test in June.

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