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Archive for April 2014

SpaceX vs US Air Force

Looking to chat with other community of TMRO members? Check out our subreddit where you can post new stories, add your own forum topics and talk about all things cosmic. TRMO is a community driven show. We are able to continue producing episodes because you help us to do so. If you get value…

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Living forever

In the news we have an NRO launch, Soyuz Launch and SpaceX, SpaceX and more SpaceX! Main topic: will the vastness of the cosmos force humanity to fin ways to extend life? And with life being extended, will we be forced in to the cosmos to find new homes? Help support future TMRO shows –…

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The battle between Roscosmos and NASA

Spacevidcast is changing names! We are becoming TMRO. Details in this episode. Our new sub-reddit is now available here: Help keep Spacevidcast going! We are a crowd funded show supported by our community of TMRO! If you like this episode, consider contributing $1.00 for additional episodes! Details at Want to check out the…

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