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Archive for March 2014

What will our Martian Government look like?

We will be making a colony on Mars within the next generation. When that happens, what will our new Martian Government look like? In Space News: Launch of a Proton rocket, The Big Bang Theory, SpaceX CRS-3, Yutu isn’t dead yet, Orbital drops the ULA lawsuit and cool NASA websites Help us continue to produce…

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Nulla Magna

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Have we forgotten about the Moon?

We explore the idea that maybe jumping from the Earth to Mars isn’t the right idea. Our Moon is a great source of inspiration and can provide awe and wonder to people on and off planet. Should someone be focusing more heavily on a Lunar colony than a Martian one? News stories: MRO computer goes…

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Who owns the moon?

In this episode we talk about cosmic property rights. Who owns the moon? What about Mars? Can a company legally mine an asteroid? In space news: ULA and SpaceX go head to head at a Senate hearing committee, how tensions with Russia can negatively impact the US space programs, COSMOS, a new space plane is…

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Will private space kill the Space Launch System?

We chat with Rick Boozer, author of “The Plundering of NASA: an Expos√©” about his latest article on Our question: can the Space Launch System survive in a marketplace where private space can do it cheaper, faster and better? His original op-ed is here: In space news: SpaceX show a little leg on…

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