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Archive for April 2013

The cool kids work in Mojave

In Season 6 Episode 12 of Spacevidcast Live we take a look at all the NewSpace companies located in Mojave and what they are up to! Doug Messier of walks us through that exciting area. In Space News we have Orbital nominally launching their Antares rocket, SpaceX Grasshopper jumps 250m and lands smoothly and…

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Nulla Magna

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3D Printing Rocket Engine Contest – 6.11

NOW AVAILABLE: The Spacevidcast inspiration poster series Darlene from DIYROCKETS joins us to talk about a contest to create a 3D printed rocket engine. Jefrey from the Yuri’s Night Executive Team is in-studio to chat about YN2013 and where the team would like to take the parties in the future. Obama wants NASA to capture…

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Eyes on the Solar System

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Doug Eliison joins us in-studio to talk about the amazing ‘Eyes on the Solar System’ application. Fans of Eyes will also get a sneak peek in to the future revision with a new gaming engine! In Space News we chat about SpaceX’s plans for reusability in 2013, Antares rolls out to…

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