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Archive for December 2012

A look back to 2012 and forward to 2013 – 5.20

In our last live show of 2012 we take a peek back at what what we predicted would happen and see how we did. Of course we can’t look backwards without looking forward, so we also take a mental journey in to 2013 and beyond. Have a comment? We love to hear from you, leave…

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The Golden Spike Company – 5.19

In Spacevidcast Live episode 5.19 we take a look at the announced ‘Golden Spike Company’, what it is and what it could mean for the private space sector. In Space News: Department of Defense is looking beyond ULA for its space launch needs Curiosity Rover Twin announced Atlas V cleared to launch X37B Spy Shuttle…

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Why is China stealing rocket information? 5.18

In this episode we ask why China appears to be stealing information from JAXA. With this revelation and their new space plane, what are their intensions with space flight? In Space News we look at the Sabre engine and how it may enable next generation space flight as well as Mach 5 air-flight. ESA and…

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