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Will China make it to the moon?

With the recent manned docking to their space station, China looks to be right on track for a lunar lander in the 2020’s. Can they pull it off? Will it just be flags and footprints again? Or do we have the beginnings of a new Lunar colony being developed? Join us for episode 5.10 recorded…

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What happens if we double NASA’s budget?

From water planets to Hollywood, our live show starts with a ton of great topics from around the universe! But what we really want to know is: what if we doubled NASA’s budget to $0.01 of every tax dollar? Would the NASA of today be able to do the same thing as the NASA of…

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Commercial Space Takes a Leap Forward

Not only did SpaceX successfully launch, berth and splashdown their spacecraft this week, but Sierra Nevada had a successful captive carry test of their mini space shuttle, Falcon Heavy got its first customer, Virgin Galactic got a license to fire its engine and Bigelow Aerospace made a huge announcement. A HUGE week for space. The…

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