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Archive for April 2012

Mining Asteroids

We take a peek at the recent Planetary Resources announcements in the latest Spacevidcast Live show. Check below for a timeline of topics. Check out the Wiki page for specifics on each story as well as the stories we missed. 00:00 – Themed Open 02:44 – and the retirement of the shuttle 7:21…

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What does the future of space look like?

From Yuri’s Night to Space News and your comments, this episode of Spacevidcast Live is jam packed with the awesome. We ask you the question, “What do you envision the future of space to look like?” Leave your comments below or send us a video comment! The conversation continues! Spacevidcast epic subscribers can watch After…

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What if Apollo never happened?

Dave Masten of Masten Space Systems joins us for the 4th episode in our 5th season. We ask the question “What would the space industry look like if Apollo never happened”. Leave your video replies on what you think the world would look like below. Dave also takes some time and shows us future plans…

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