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Archive for March 2012

Why should we invest in science and space? – 5.03

As space geeks we just assume everyone thinks investing in science and more specifically space is a great idea. But there are many who may disagree. In this live show we ask you, why should we invest in science and space? An ad-free version of this show and the After Dark edition of this show…

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Russia’s ambitious 18 year Space Plan – 5.02

Russia has leaked an extremely ambitious 18 year plan to go back to the moon, set up ground stations on Mars and explore our solar system. Do you think they have what it takes to make it happen? Is this the beginning on a new space race? Or is all of this just talk that…

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Does Space need the Government to survive? 5.01

In the first episode of our 5th season we ask you, the community, do we need Governments to keep space alive? Or is our future better served in the hands of private companies? Speaking of private companies, while the traditional space powerhouses are laying off more and more people, the new Mohave based companies are…

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Can we colonize the moon by 2020? 4.24

Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich says when we have 13,000 people on the moon they can submit to become the next state in the USA. Is it possible in todays risk averse culture to get that process moving by the year 2020, or are there too many hurdles? We look at some space news, bring in…

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