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Archive for April 2011

OldSpace can be NewSpace too – Live Show 4.11

STS-134 is going to be awesome, busy and more awesome! NASA Awards over a quarter billion to next generation space companies to develop spaceships capable of sending humans to the International Space Station. Lockheed Martin details plans to go to Mars, well, close to Mars. China may get Space Race 2.0 going, but is that…

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Everyone wants a REAL orbiter – Live Show 4.10

States that didn’t get a retired orbiter are upset. States that did get a retired orbiter but may not have deserved it are upset. And people are just plain grumpy about where the 4 remaining space shuttles will go. We also chat about delays in next generation rockets and how to INSPIRES kids.

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Martian Summer with Andrew Kessler – Live Show 4.09

We have an interview with author Andrew Kessler about “Martian Summer” and his experience working at NASA. In honor of the 50 year celebration of human space flight, April 12th a preview copy of “Martian Summer” will be given away for free! We also chat about the upcoming Yuri’s Night World Celebration, how space needs…

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n3rd crush, possible STS-134 delay, SS2 and more! Live Show 4.08

The wiki article containing links and additional information on each story can be found here: Stories covered: NASA Tweetup Nerds ZOMGDUDELOLZ! Possible delay of STS-134 to April 29th, 2011 The stacking of the final Space Shuttle SRBs is underway Ariane 5 rocket failed to lift off from it’s launch pad. First images of Mercury…

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