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Archive for September 2010

NewSpace News – Live Show 3.32

Space Adventures has been busy setting up new partnerships to get YOU in to space, Boeing is making good use of their Orion tech, Armadillo Aerospace not only wants to put you in to space, but they also have awesome video of their Super Mod vehicle. As mentioned in the show, this is the new…

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William Pomerantz, GLXP and X PRIZE – Live Show 3.31

We are joined by the amazingly awesome William Pomerantz, Senior Director of Space Prizes at the X PRIZE Foundation. We have a new team being added to the Google Lunar X PRIZE Competition, a newer X PRIZE to help clean up the ocean and of course all around space geekery and fun. This live show…

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SpaceUp DC Recap – Live Show 3.30

We recap SpaceUp DC 2010 and have a conversation about awesome space stuff. Sorry epic subscribers, but the post show was lost due to a corrupt recording. It only happened live. SpaceUp DC recap:  AWESOME! Tribble Fight/ Spork Incident archive Kickstarter shirt  VIDEO Announcement of SpaceUp San Diego 2 in Jan 2011 and SpaceUp MSP…

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