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Archive for August 2010

UnSpacevidcast at your UnConference – Live Show 3.29

We have our latest live show just north Baltimore, MD. This is not a space news show at all, but rather some really cool stuff that you’re going to see at SpaceUp DC over the coming days. VAXHeadroom joins us to show some really cool space pieces that will be on display at SpaceUp DC,…

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Trouble on the ISS – Live Show 3.26

We have overly dramatic intros that juuust don’t quite seem to work. This is a news packed live show with cooling issues on the ISS, Space Debris threatening the ISS and a clever way to get rid of it, the different NASA wakeup calls throughout history, SpaceUP DC and a way to win free tickets…

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Nuclear Rockets with James Dewar – Live Show 3.25

Author of “The Nuclear Rocket”, James Dewar joins us to discuss why we should consider moving away from chemical rockets and re-start development of nuclear rockets. Think radiation would be a huge issue? Think again! This is a completely different way of looking at space travel and a very fascinating interview. If you want even…

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