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Archive for July 2010

News from around the universe – Live Show 3.23

Robonaut: to the ISS in 2010 and to the moon in 1000 days! Hayabusa may have brought back some asteroid, just, well, not a lot of it. Hubble has caught the birth of a new baby star. Awww, how cute. And some cool physics posters that you’ll only be able to find in UK classrooms…

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MoonBots with Team Tater Tot – Live Show 3.22

In the news: the final Space Shuttle mission has been pushed back to 2011, NASA is releasing a new game that looks pretty awesome and a Google Lunar X PRIZE team update. Joining us live in studio is MoonBot challenger Team Tater Tot. We talk about what the MoonBots challenge is, how they got involved…

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