Obama’s NASA plan and affordable access to space – 3.14

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Obama went to Kennedy Space Center in Florida to talk about his plan for NASA. We dissect a few of his statements to see where this organization may be going.

We’re also joined by John Powell who is the author of “Floating to Space”. This is a fascinating interview showing how balloons not only can get us to space affordably, but how he is doing it right now! Sound crazy? Maybe a bit, but you’ve already seen his work in commercials from Toshiba and he can put some of your work in to space *today* using this technology. It may just be crazy enough to work!

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  • DocSmiTherZ says:

    I saw an interview with Richard Branson on CNN yesterday and he said they’re already doing their test flights and will be taking people to space next year. 2011. So we at least won’t have to wait for Nasa to see things progress at a faster pace, overall. Maybe Nasa will step it up once the private sector starts to leave them in the dust. lol

  • Nasiar99 says:


  • Please have periods where the chat room is shown, but don’t do it the entire show.

    The chat room is distracting, and 95% nonsense.

  • hantonr says:

    What’s wrong with Aries V? They haven’t designed it Ben! There is only a preliminary design right now, so it seems like he is basically (though not exactly) continuing Aries V just not Aries I (which is a good idea).

  • mattetjus says:

    Awesome episode!
    … to bad about the video chat connection though…

  • Man has alway expanded to new frontiers and we must continue to do so.Resources are limited on earth and if we don’t move out away from earth we will die.We have no way to support the growing population and advance society with limited space and pollutionn loads.

  • Jacnas says:

    @DocSmiTherZ Richard Branson was not talking about launching things into orbit; VG doesn’t have an orbital vehicle, not even on paper. Their “Spaceship” is only capable of suborbital tourist flights and I suspect they won’t have an orbital vehicle for a LONG time (I’d like to be wrong though).

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