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Archive for April 2010

Jeffrey Manber and Commercializing space – 3.15

Jeffrey Manber, author of “Selling Peace” joins us to talk about the long forgotten lessons of the Russian Space Agency and how we can turn the American Space Agency in to a profit center. Space isn’t just something you throw money at, and Jeffrey is an expert in this field. Having been a key player…

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Obama’s NASA plan and affordable access to space – 3.14

Obama went to Kennedy Space Center in Florida to talk about his plan for NASA. We dissect a few of his statements to see where this organization may be going. We’re also joined by John Powell who is the author of “Floating to Space”. This is a fascinating interview showing how balloons not only can…

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Yuri’s Night Global Party – 3.13

Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides is a space advocate, consultant and former astrobiologist who has worked in the Canadian Arctic doing research with NASA, at the bottom of the ocean with director James Cameron and has accumulated over 4 hours of weightless time as a Flight Director for Zero Gravity Corp. She has done some work with…

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