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Archive for January 2010

The Future of NASA and – 3.04

Rather than Space News we have Space Rumors: what will the future of NASA be under the Obama adminstration? Speaking of the future, Brad Cheetham of is on to discuss this project and how getting our youth interested in science and space can help NASA today.

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Douglas Messier from ParabolicArc talks NewSpace – 3.03

We are joined by guest Douglas Messier from the site to talk about New Space, Human Space Flight and where the space program will go from here. In the news we have: Florida airport gets its Spaceport license: Yuri’s Night vidcasts!: Phoenix is probably dead: China Spacelab, Tiangong-1: epic will…

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FlyingJenny talks Space Tweeps with Space Geeks – 3.02

Space Tweep Society founder @FlyingJenny joins us for a live interview. We chat about what it is like to work on the space shuttle, show she started the Space Tweep Society, and if you’re a Spacevidcast epic subscriber you get to see 3 of her 6 dogs in the post show. COOL! Possible Solution For…

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A new year for Spacevidcast and New Space! – 3.01

Welcome to the first live show of 2010! New open, new graphics, no on-screen chat room (for better or for worse) and a ton of space news that we needed to catch up on! Spacevidcast epic is not ready quite yet, but it should be released in mid January if all goes well. Until then you’ll have to wait for the post-show access.

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