Spacevidcast – STS-125 Music Video, ISDC and AEXA – 2.16

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We have a planet as big as the star it rotates around, Canada is sending a clown to space, STS-127 is close to launching and a live interview with Fernando De La Pena of Mexico’s newly (almost) formed space agency, AEXA.

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  • Larry_Voyager says:


    You and Cariann had questioned the naming of the expolanet revolving around VB10. According to the astronomers’ exoplanet naming convention, the first exoplanet’s name is the name of the parent star plus a lower case “b,” the second exoplanet’s name is the name of the parent star plus lowercase “c.” Thus, if four planets are discovered revolving around VB10, the exoplanets’ names would be VB10b, VB10c, VB10d, and VB10e. An upper case “a” is never used.

    Also, in June 1993, a House of Representative Bill to continue financing the US Space Station was passed by only one vote, 216-215!


    • cariann says:

      And *that’s* why we say stupid stuff like that… because now, not only have Ben and I learned something, but potentially so have many others!

  • Marcus says:


    I’ve see you have changed the on-screen chat from 3 to 4 lines of text. I really like this better now. In fact, after seeing the ISDC Ares Panel (where it was nearly impossible to follow the discussion because of the limited amount of lines) I wanted to suggest exactly that change.

    Marcus (aka RocketFan, but I don’t really like that nickname anymore :p)

  • KaiYves says:

    Orange is a great color.

  • Rick Boozer says:

    The following missive from a Constellation worker was sent to former shuttle astronaut Leroy Chiao (a member of the Augustine commission that is to recommend the future direction of NASA’s manned spaceflight efforts). The writer is named Art Scheuermann. He is not the only Constellation worker that has sent an opinion to Mr. Chiao with similar points.

    NASA needs to be guided by a national policy that is promoting commercial access to space for cargo and crew transport to LEO. NASA has become so trapped by focusing on LEO access and servicing the ISS that the goal of exploration is being lost. As someone who works on Constellation, it is very disappointing to see the Lunar/Mars design feature being dropped piece by piece to reduce the cost so we can try and hold the the schedule of a 4 year gap for LEO access to ISS. I fear that the design changes needed after Orion flys to restore the exploration capability will be too costly to do when the politicians insist on a LEO capability infrastructure that doesn’t reduce jobs. If we don’t reduce the jobs, then all the money goes for LEO access with nothing left for exploration again.

    It would seem to me that a national policy that motivates commercial investment to provide the LEO access would free NASA up to focus on exploration beyond LEO.

    It’s a tough paradigm shift but I don’t believe we will ever go back to the Moon or on to Mars until we have a reliable commercial service for launch and re-entry and an exploration vehicle assembled in orbit.

  • Rick Boozer says:

    An interesting article relating to Constellation at Our views: Still more troubles: NASA panel should look under every rock on Ares-Orion spacecraft

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