Chris and Blair from NASA EDGE – 2.13 (Bad Audio)

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The audio is very, very messed up. Nothing we can do for this episode, but we know what went wrong and will correct it for all future episodes.

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  • For those wondering, Skype on the recording computer was opened prior to the show (my mistake). When opening Skype it sets the input to auto-gain control and cranked up the line input audio to max. I then quite Skype and started the recording, but since we don’t have any way to monitor the audio we didn’t know that we were over driving the system until well after we had torn down the studio.

    For future shows we will do a test record and make sure that we get all of the audio correct. My apologies to everyone, what a n00b mistake to make. Video is 80% audio and this video is 100% messed up!

  • Still an awesome episode 🙂

  • Brian Simmons says:

    Even though the audio is blown out, a memorable vid. Those two: ying and yang! Thnks for putting it out there. A fantastic experience and episode.

    Uncle BS
    ustreamuser -111

  • NE_Host says:

    Great show guys. I found another great photo of the Co-host we can use on another show.


  • I loved the last show, as it was the first I had seen. I look forward to tomorrow’s show. I let all my friend know about it too. There are more science and space enthusiast than I think NASA realizes and the steady growth of viewers of your vidcast will reflect that. Thank you.

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