Interview with the Space Renaissance Initiative – 2.11

We interview Annie from talking about making space accessible to everyone. In Space News we have Kepler shedding its dust cover, The 50th anniversary of the Mercury 7 and Expedition 18 lands safely.

Mercury 7 Announcement

Keppler’s cover comes off

Expedition 18 

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  1. Rick Boozer on April 13, 2009 at 11:14 am

    An interesting note by Clark Lindsey at his RLV News blog today:
    “Note that Ares I is going to cost upwards of $30B and probably won’t be ready to fly till 2017. Hard to believe it would have cost as much or taken as long to use the Atlas V instead. Of course, today the Falcon 9 is in the running as well for crew flights. With these rockets and fuel depots, we could start to do some serious spacefaring.”

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