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NASA Commercial Crew Announcements

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In this episode we bring on Space Mike from Epic Future Space ( to talk SpaceX and the CCtCap (Commercial Crew Transportation Capabilities) award from NASA.

In Space news we have:
Blue Origin and ULA team up
Global crowd funding spaceflight project
Atlas V launch of CLIO
SpaceX to break ground in Brownsville on Monday
ESA reveals Philae landing site
Golfer wins a trip to space for hole in one!
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The killer app for Space

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Main topic this week: What is the “Killer App” for space?

In Space News we have:
Chuangxin 1-04 and Ling Qiao satellites launched via Long March 2D
Yaogan-21 Launch via Long March 4B
Asiasat 6 Launch via SpaceX
Measat and Optus launch via ArianeV
Virgin Galactic moves to 2015
XCor selling tickets to wealthy Chinese
Big solar storm – Should have limited impact
Zero G engines repossessed
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Community Chat: Expedite New Space

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In our second community chat we ask the question, “How can we expedite the new space gold rush?” Segment starts at 16:09

In Space News:
2:27 – NASA completes key review of SLS
4:58 – Sea Launch cuts back staff
6:30 – International Launch Services (ILS) cuts back staff
7:28 – Kodiak Launch Complex has a test rocket explode
8:57 – Dragon V2 will rely on parachutes
13:26 – Plans to overhaul the Mojave Space Port
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Firefly Space

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We bring on guest PJ King the COO of Firefly Space Systems to talk about their Flirefly Alpha and Firefly Beta rockets. Interview starts at 12:43

Space News:
1:40 – F9R-Dev1 Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly
5:38 – ULA gets their RD-180 Engines
7:30 – Launch of LongMarch 4B with Gaofen-2 and BRITE-PL-2
9:20 – Galileo launch via Soyuz
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Kickstarting a rocket company

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This week we bring on Tyler Reyno, CEO and founder of Open Space Orbital to talk about their Kickstarter campaign to start a rocket company. Segment starts at 16:00

Space News:
1:54 – Copenhagen static fire of their HEAT2X engine
5:20 – Falcon 9 re-entering on Orbcomm mission
6:55 – WorldView-3 Satellite Launched
9:10 – ULA announces new president and CEO
11:07 – Chinese surveillance satellites launched via Long March
14:29 – – a directory of ways to participate in space exploration
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The Electron Rocket

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We are joined live by Rocket Labs USA Founder and CEO Peter Beck to talk about their Electron Rocket and what Rocket Labs is doing over in New Zealand.

In Space News we have: Rosetta reaches 67P, AsiaSat 8 Launches on a Falcon 9, SpaceX sets Brownsville as its new commercial launch site, ULA will likely get their RD-180 engines, a new view of the LDSD, ATK’s 5 segment Solid Rocket Booster and Orion sets a launch date.
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Where should we colonize first?

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In Space News we have: The impossible EmDrive, Delta IV launch, Ariane 5 Launch, Altas V launch, Rosetta is getting closer and an amazing Google Lunar XPRIZE Planetarium show.

Our main topic this week: Where should we colonize first? We try something a bit different and bring on a few community members and ask the question to everyone! Eh… Concept on how to work this in the future is still in process.
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Dave Masten and DARPA

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We are joined in-studio by Dave Masten, CTO of Masten Space Systems. Dave talks about his new DARPA XS-1 contract, a bit about Masten Space and where humans should be looking to go in the cosmos.

In Space News:
Falcon 9 Orbcomm Stage 1 splashdown
Progress launches via Soyuz
Foton M4 not responding to commands – but partly back up now
Dreamchaser passes additional CCiCap milestone
SLS may not be on track after all
NextGiantLeap panel at Comic-Con
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