STS-135, cool space stuff and news – Live Show 4.01

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STS-135 is an official yet unfunded mission, the most complex EDL ever, China test unmanned craft, Nanosail comes back to life and more news.


  • MI STROM says:

    I agree that for the main show that the chat room should be disabled.
    But for ‘After Dark’, I think it should be enabled. I mean, watching the after dark without the chat room is strange, because you’re referencing things you’ve read in the chat room, but the rest of us can’t see it. So you’re laughing at jokes in the chat room, which don’t appear on the screen – and don’t appear for Epic subscribers who didn’t watch the live stream & live chat…

  • Adrian says:

    At 0:29, did you just say 2010 ??? come on… you’ve been sleeping a whole month? very funny…

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