Ed Buckbee, NASA PAO – 3.12

Ed Buckbee has been associated with the US Space program for four decades. His career began in 1959 when America’s first mercury astronauts were selected. As a NASA public affairs officer Ed met and worked with all of the astronauts who flew on the early Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs. In 1970 Ed was selected by rocket legend Wernher Von Braun to be the first director of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.

Ed is also the visionary who assembled and managed the worlds largest space and rocket exhibition as well as founded the U.S. Space Camp and Aviation Challenge programs. Over half a million students and teachers from seventy countries have been inspired and motivated by attending one of the programs Ed has created.


  • jeffreyparke says:

    great show… too bad you couldn’t fool anyone

  • BlkSun865 says:

    Well Jeff, you’re doing a good job of sounding like one.

  • Andrew Soukup says:

    Great show! Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed that Ed Buckbee was so ill-informed about the private space industry. SpaceX unit tests all of their hardware just like they did on Saturn V. Perhaps he missed their web site full of integrated stage test videos? And does he not realize that Virgin Galactic is not trying for HSF to the ISS? I respect him for all that he has accomplished, but maybe he should stick to the public affairs.

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