Douglas Messier from ParabolicArc talks NewSpace – 3.03

We are joined by guest Douglas Messier from the site to talk about New Space, Human Space Flight and where the space program will go from here.

In the news we have:
Florida airport gets its Spaceport license:
Yuri’s Night vidcasts!:
Phoenix is probably dead:
China Spacelab, Tiangong-1:

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  • NIK4EVA says:

    Great video guys. Missed it live :(


  • Zacho5 says:

    That’s cool i live in Jax thanks for the vid SpaceVidcast!

  • 6:13 You had the pronunciation of Cecil Field correct the first time — with a long e.

    Sample pronunciation is 25 seconds into “Aero-TV Profiles Cecil Field 2009 …” watch?v=NEUd7RPvf_4

  • Chrisjr2007 says:

    I missed it?:OOOOOOOO

  • Marcus Zottl says:

    Haha, I’m actually from Austria and I had heard about that whole “buy a suborbital flight at the super market” thing a while ago but I have totally forgotten about it. However, I do now remember, that a couple of friends had approached me (because I would be the local space geek) and asked questions about it. After I had read that the ride was supposed to be with rocketplane I had told them, that I would rather buy a ticket for less money at either XCOR or Virgin Galactic for less money and with a greater chance of actually flying.

    (Not that I have that amount of money anyway…. :( … )

  • KaiYves- Water? YES! says:

    On a Student Ambassador trip to Australia (of all places) in ’07, I saw posters promising something similar. I wonder if it was the same company?

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