Douglas Mallette author of Turning Point – 2.38

What a fantastic interview to close out the year! Douglas Mallette is the author of “Turning Point” and joins us to talk about what we can do to better advocate space. What it we made not one but FOUR more Apollo sized space programs in the US? What impact does space have on our economy and quality of life?

Help start a new space UnConference!  SpaceUp needs your help to raise $2,000 before the first of the year! They are almost half way there now and every little bit helps.

In space news we had a couple of breaking items such as rumors of the Obama Administration shutting down the Ares I program and going with a ‘Heavy Lifter’ program. Ares V? Other? Real or just rumor?

XCOR won a contract with South Korea for sub orbital flights. They plan on being able to launch around the same time Virgin Galactic is slated to launch. Can they pull it off?

Other misc news about rovers and landers we have on Mars. This is the last epicsode of 2009, enjoy!

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